Posters Materials Research 2016


Advanced Battery Chemistries
Alternative Energy
Microsystems and Wireless Power Components
Ultra-Energy Materials and Nuclear Science
Wide Bandgap Power Electronics and Thermal Science
Bio/abioInterfaces and Applications
Systems Biology from Single Species to Consortia
MetaferriteEnhanced Antennas
Specialty Electronics and Sensors Cleanroom (SEMASC)
Flex Hybrid Electronics
Additive Manufacturing Research
Cold Spray for Additive Manufacturing
Electric Field Assisted Conductive Ceramic and Metal Manufacturing
Energy Coupled to Matter (ECM)
TEM Characterization of Deformation Mechanisms in Sharp-Indented Ceramics
Enhancement of Fracture Toughness In Presence of Microwave Field
Materials Characterization Under Multi-axial Stress States at Various Loading Rates
X-ray Computed Tomography for Materials Science
ECM: Thermomagnetic Processing of Ceramic Materials
Damage Tolerant Adhesives
Catalysis and Reaction Technology
Development of Advanced Ceramics for Future Protection Technologies
Advanced Materials and Processing for Soldier Protection
Stabilizing and Synthesis of NanocrystallineAlloys for Future Army
Atmospheric Plasma Modification of Materials
Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC) Development
Computational Materials Research: Boron SuboxideCeramic ArmorHomogeneous
Corrosion Science and Electrochemistry
Deformation Processing of Lightweight Materials
EM Energy Coupled to Finitely Deforming Matter
Novel Electromagnetic Interactions with Matter Laboratory
Ultra-Lightweight Magnesium Alloys for Enhanced Protection
Topology Optimization
NanoelectronicsTeam Efforts in 2D Materials and Electronics
Precision Measurement Technologies for Contested Environments
RF MEMS Technology
Energy Efficient Electronics4x
Emerging Electronic Devices
Microwave/Millimeter-wave Electronics & Integration Technologies
Energy Storage Materials
Compact Power
Fuel Cells
3-D Imaging Using 2-Wavemength Digital Holography
High Power Electronics
Organic Materials for Non-Linear Optics
Center for Semiconductor Modeling of Materials and Devices (CSM)
Solid State Materials as Quantum Information Platforms
MagnetometryBased on Quantum Interference
Advanced Solid-State Lasers

Materials Research is basic and applied research focused on gaining a fundamental understanding of structural, electronic, photonic, and energy materials and devices. Exemplary of Army and DoD-relevant high-interest research areas supported through these efforts include multifunctional materials; high field responsive materials; hierarchically designed and fabricated materials; semiconductor materials and devices; generation-after-next electronics; and synthetic biology. ARL’s basic and applied research in materials focuses on scientific discovery and innovative problem-solving to provide superior materials and devices needed to achieve lasting strategic land power dominance. Materials research cross-cuts ARL’s four focused S&T campaigns in Human Sciences, Information Sciences, Sciences for Lethality and Protection, and Sciences for Maneuver by providing materials with superior properties to address emerging requirements and capabilities for all Army platforms.