2017 Posters - Analysis & Assessment

Premier provider of land forces engineering analyses and assessment of technologies through unprecedented analytical capabilities and expertise.

ARL’s A&A Campaign is focused on guiding the development and integration of technologies, substantially broadening the range of issues that can be addressed with analytical rigor, and improving the throughput and responsiveness of the analytical processes. This campaign builds on fundamental pillars of mathematics, statistics, physics, materials science, network science, computer science, engineering, and chemistry to conduct Survivability, Lethality, and Vulnerability (SLV) analyses and Human Systems Integration (HSI) analyses.

Strongly supported by these foundational pillars, the Analysis and Assessment Campaign is scientifically rigorous with a focus on addressing vulnerability, lethality, and HSI challenges to aid development and fielding of Army-critical materiel systems. The areas of emphasis include science of analysis and assessment; developing tools, techniques, and methodologies to aid SLV analyses; conducting analysis and assessment on technologies; and conducting analysis and assessment on systems and associated personnel.


Center for Cyber Analysis & Assessment(CCAA) Traffic Based Model Generation
Under-body Blast Methodology (UBM) Development and Validation Framework for Complex Multi-Domain Analysis
Laser Vulnerability of Optical Systems DOE & Uncertainty Quantification for Ballistic SLV Experimentation, Modeling and Simulation
DuE/SbT Analysis and Assessment Methodology for Congested and Contested Operational Environments Tools for EO/IR Sensing System Performance Analysis
Tools and Methods for Reducing Human Error, Improving Performance, and Optimizing Sustainment Operations Vertical Lift Research Center
Tools and Methodology for Effective Human System Integration Visual, Interactive Situational Analysis and Assessment
Radio Frequency Communication Survivability & Integrated EW Sensor Analysis Cyber for Training Modeling and Simulation
Center for Human Injury and Performance (CHIP)