Posters Analysis & Assessment 2016


Design of Experiments (DOE) for Ballistic SLV Testing, Modeling, and Simulation
Remote Sensing of PhysiologicalSignatures
Understanding Military-relevant Injury Mechanisms
Visual Simulation Laboratory:Massively Parallel, Interactive.Cognition-Driven Analysis
Under-body Blast Methodology Development and Validation
Vertical Lift Performance, Reliability, and Survivability Research Center
Human System Integration Modeling for Improved Performance
Workspace Analysis - Human Figure Modeling
Augmenting Threat Analysis Capabilities Using Intelligent Threat Agents
Laser Vulnerability of Optical Systems
Comprehensive Injury Prevention and Analysis Network (CIPAN)
Radio Frequency Communication Survivability & Integrated EW Sensor Analysis
Traffic Based Model Generation
Tools for EO/IR Sensing System Performance Analysis
Center for Human Injury and Performance (CHIP)

The Assessment and Analysis research area is focused on development and application of analytical tools and methodologies to quantitatively assess the military utility of Army, DoD, and select foreign combat systems. In addition to the development of novel assessment and analysis capabilities, knowledge and understanding drawn from ARL’s other technical campaigns are leveraged to help influence requirements for future Army systems. Exemplary of Army and DoD-relevant high-interest areas supported through these efforts include ballistic effectiveness, personnel armor susceptibility; platform armor susceptibility; information systems vulnerability; system-of-systems analyses; and human performance enhancement assessment.

ARL’s Assessment and Analysis research emphasis areas include Assessment of Science and Technology, Science and Technology of Assessment, Assessing Mission Capability of Materiel, and Materiel Capable of Assessing Mission Capability. These areas collectively comprise the Assessment and Analysis area, which heavily relies on ARL’s research expertise and facilities in intelligent systems, cyber security, information sciences, human sciences, materials, and lethality & protection. The Assessment and Analysis area is focused on guiding the development and integration of technologies, substantially broadening the range of issues that can be addressed with analytical rigor, improving the throughput and responsiveness of the analytical processes, and developing ruggedized and ready-to-employ applications that make the full power of the laboratory’s internal analysis capabilities available directly to the Army’s operational force.