Human Sciences

Collaboration Opportunities

ARL’s research in Human Sciences is focused on identifying, creating, and transitioning scientific discoveries and technological innovations underlying Human Behavior, Human Capa­bility Enhancement, and Integration of Humans and Systems that are critical to the U.S. Army’s future technological superiority. This campaign concentrates on high-risk and high-payoff transforma­tional basic research; critically-focused, promising applied research; and selective advanced tech­nology development that are expected to have revolutionary impacts on the Army’s warfighting capabilities. In addition to significantly improving the Army’s existing warfighting capabilities, it creates disruptive and game-changing Soldier-centric technologies for the Army, while also preventing technological surprises from potential adversaries.

Human Behavior encompasses basic and applied research, which aims to discover, understand, and predict human perceptual, cognitive, affective, physical, and social behaviors in settings ranging from individuals and teams to organizations and societies. Human Behavior research focuses on critical research gaps necessary to transition extant knowledge and new discoveries into innovative technologies that are expected to create revolutionary capabilities for the Army of 2030 and beyond. Innovations in this area are expected to generate capabilities to predict warfighter performance and provide fundamental enablers for enhancing Soldier capabilities and maximizing Soldier-system performance well beyond the capabilities of today’s Army.

Human Capability Enhancement is a basic research, applied research, and advanced technology development effort, which aims to discover, innovate, and develop technologies that directly and indirectly enhance human perceptual, cognitive, physical, and social capabilities rang­ing from individuals and teams to organizations and societies for the Army. Innovations in this area are expected to generate equipment and technologies that will provide unprecedented capabilities for future warfighters and enable future leaders to make sound decisions effectively in complex socio-cultural contexts.

Integration of Humans and Systems includes basic and applied research that aims to discover, understand, exploit, and apply fundamental principles of integrating humans and systems across domains, including but not limited to complex information systems, human-agent teams, cybersecurity, and organizational and social networks.  Discoveries of fundamental principles governing networked communications and human-system relationships and dynamics are expected to lead to technological and methodological innovations critical in poising the Army of 2030 to quickly shape its operational environment. These discoveries are expected to be relevant across the full range of social and cultural environments.

Collaboration Opportunities