The U.S. Army hosted a series of pitches in Chicago, at its second Expeditionary Technology Search competition, known as xTechSearch 2.0, as a catalyst to engage with the non-traditional small-business sector, to drive American innovation for Army challenges and spur economic growth. <read more>

Highlights from ARL Central are captured quarterly and posted here, for questions or comments email ARLCentral@arl.army.mil.

January 2019
March 2019

Technical Focus Areas:

  • High Performance Computing
  • Impact Physics
  • Machine Learning / Data Analytics
  • Materials and Manufacturing
  • Power and Energy
  • Propulsion Science
  • Quantum Science

ARL Extended sites are selected based on:

  • Critical mass of first class research talent and infrastructure
  • Proximity to innovation centers – transition to and from industry
  • Locations beyond ARL’s current regions
  • Co-location with significant research partners and facilities

ARL CentralEstablished November 2017 – Main office in Chicago, IL

Inquires can be sent to: