Regional Sites

Through the Open Campus initiative, ARL Extended will leverage regional expertise and facilities to accelerate the discovery, innovation and transition of science and technology. Close collaboration with universities, start-ups, and established companies working in regionally specific technical subject areas will directly benefit the Soldier and ensure our nation’s future strength and competitiveness in critical scientific engineering and the creative fields.

Housing ARL researchers, related staff and others in strategic locations across the United States will provide a foundation to fuel innovative teamwork focused on jointly solving Army technology challenges. Co-location will create more face-to-face collaboration between researchers, academic institutions, and local industry experts, where this interaction leads to better solutions and faster transition.

The joint value proposition created by Open Campus and ARL Regional Sites for partner researchers and institutions includes access to unique ARL facilities, real data sets and expertise; generation of joint intellectual property; incubation of spin-off companies for the pursuit of science and technology innovations; and maturation and rapid transition of intellectual property and technologies to the industrial marketplace.

Establishing research teams with regional partners through the ARL Regional Site locations will lead to new technology directions, perspectives on Army problems, industry collaborators and ultimately new discoveries that will help the Army solve current and future challenges. The result will be an efficient, effective and agile research institution responsive to the national security challenges of the future.


Extended Locations: