Convergence of Lethality, Protection & Autonomy to Dominate Ground Combat (CONVERGE)

Conduct foundational research that couples Lethality & Protection technologies with Autonomous Behaviors to increase combat vehicle effectiveness for teams of manned and unmanned systems
• Can synergistic effects be realized by coupling Lethality & Protection component technologies with Autonomy to improve combat capabilities?
• How can teamed ground/air combat platforms operate inside an adversarial A2AD environment and deliver Decisive Lethality during Multi-Domain Operations?
• What combat vehicle behaviors can be replicated by AI agents to supplement Soldiers with reduced burden and increased speed?

Research Questions
What synergistic effects can combat vehicles realize by coupling Lethality & Protection component technologies with Autonomy?

  1. How can ground combat platforms operate inside an adversarial A2/AD environment and deliver MDO effects?
    • How can the effects of enemy long-range precision fires be neutralized?
    • How do we detect/identify/track/classify an Indirect Fire (IDF) barrage and respond with counters that include team-based protective behaviors?
    • What counter-measure technologies are effective against various classes of IDF threats?
    • What camo, concealment, and deception (CCD) technologies can be developed/adopted to improve mission success?
    • How can we detect and geo-locate enemy RF emitters of interest?
    • How do we deliver a weapon consistent with the spatial and temporal constraints that lead to a successful end-game engagement?
    • What technologies and enhanced teaming behaviors will dramatically extend standoff distances for kinetic engagements using precision autonomous systems?
  2. How does a team of ground platforms maneuver and defeat a prepared enemy force of superior numbers?
    • How can multi-agent combat platforms and enhanced teaming behaviors dramatically enhance mission success in Close Combat scenarios?
    • How can we detect/identify/track/classify/action and defeat Direct Fire threats (rockets, missiles, and bullets) in real-time?
    • How can we neutralize Tier 1 armor threats with highly asymmetric lethality options operating in a multi-agent team environment?