Essential Research Programs

ARL has built upon its technical competencies to form flagship efforts—Essential Research Programs (ERPs)—that drive research questions to closure. These programs represent ARL’s highest priority connected and cumulative research efforts that are focused on answering challenging, high-risk questions, which converge to provide research outcomes in support of the Army’s modernization priorities.

An ERP is an integrated program designed to proactively close gaps in knowledge that could not be achieved by subsets of the individual efforts alone. ERPs perform research with a focused purpose and with a sense of urgency, and at the same time empower research staff to be creative, technically bold, and entrepreneurial. ERPs are fueled with mission and external funds, and are resourced from within ARL as well as through impactful teaming with global partners in academia, industry, and government.

ARL ERPs are:

AI for Maneuver and Mobility (AIMM) lead by John Fossaceca
Emerging Overmatch Technologies (EOT) lead by Chris Kroninger
Foundational Research for EW in multi-Domain Operations (FREEDOM) lead by Abigail Hedden
Human Autonomy Teaming (HAT) lead by Amar Marathe
Long Range Distributed and Coopoerative Engagements (LRDC) lead by Frank Fresconi
Physics of Soldier Protection to Defeat Evolving Threats (POSP) lead by Christopher Hoppel
Quantum PNT (QISPNT) lead by Colin Reese
Science of Additive Manufacturing for Next Generation Munitions (SAMNGM) lead by Jason Robinette
Transformational Synthetic Biology for Military Environments (TRANSFORME) lead by Dimitra Stratis-Cullum
Versatile Tactical Power and Propulsioin (VICTOR) lead by Mike Kweon

If you have questions about an ERP please contact us at ERP@ARL.ARMY.MIL