Open Campus

The mission of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) is to discover, innovate, and transition science and technology to ensure dominant strategic land power, now and into the future.  To execute this mission, ARL leverages the substantial intellectual resource represented by the global academic scientific research community. Formation of a collaborative and transparent relationship with this

community, with industry, and with small business through the Open Campus initiative offers the prospect for enhanced discovery and innovation, and effective execution of basic and applied research programs in a variety of technical focus areas of high Army interest.

ARL's Open Campus initiative is a collaborative endeavor, with the goal of building a science and technology ecosystem that will encourage groundbreaking advances in basic and applied research areas of relevance to the Army. Through the Open Campus framework, ARL scientists and engineers (S&Es) will work collaboratively and side-by-side with visiting scientists in ARL's facilities, and as visiting researchers at collaborators' institutions. Central to the research collaborations is mutual scientific interest and investment by all partners - ARL's Open Campus is not a funding opportunity.   The global academic community, industry, small businesses, and other government laboratories benefit from this engagement through collaboration with ARL's specialized research staff and unique technical facilities. These collaborations will build research networks, explore complex and singular problems, enable self-forming expertise-driven team building that will be well-positioned for competitive research opportunities, and expose scientists, engineers, including professors and students to realistic research applications and perspectives, helping to ensure our nation's future strength and competitiveness in these critical fields.