Quantum - Position Navigation & Timing (QIS-PNT)

Foundational research to enable faster decisions than peer adversaries
• Exploring how to exploit quantum effects for novel sensors & capabilities; beyond-classical sensor performance limits; and, entanglement-enhanced information processing, decision-making, and security
• Investigating methods to provide GPS-independent PNT to the Soldier to increase mobility, communications, and enable advanced attack for any mission duration

Research Questions
Foundational research to enable faster decisions than peer adversaries

  1. How do we enable coordinated Maneuver from disaggregated platforms?
    • Can heterogeneous sensor sources be integrated to enable 7-day operation without access to GPS?
    • Without GPS resets, How do we prevent PNT solutions from drifting within seconds or minutes (depending on the technology)?
  2. How do we enable coherent, cumulative effects from disaggregate platforms?
    • Can cold atom/ion clocks generate and maintain timing for precise, coordinated action from delocalized actors & enable EW?
    • How can exquisite timing and sensor accuracy enable cumulative effects?
  3. How do we generate solutions to have total spectrum dominance with uncrackablecommsand high BW for a large fighting force?
    • Can Rydberg technologies enable an “omni” frequency receiver?
    • How can man-portable anti-jam antenna designs provide robust protection from hostile jammers for dismounted Soldiers?
  4. How will novel solutions enable a rethinking of Maneuver, NLOS Fires, Point Defense, and Communications?
    • What are the capabilities of entangled systems and how does this change how we approach Move, (GPS free), Sensing, and Communication?
    • What advancements and new technologies can distributed entanglement enable for the future battlefield?