Open Campus Strategic Plan

Click to read the ARL Open Campus Strategic PlanARL’s Open Campus business model is building the framework for a global science and technology ecosystem that will foster an agile, efficient, and effective research environment supporting the continuous flow of people and ideas to ensure transformative scientific discovery, innovation, and technology transition beneficial to national security.

ARL is expanding the use of existing policies and advocating new policies to open the doors to employee and visiting researcher exchanges within a globally distributed “hub-and-spoke” model. ARL is establishing specialized Research Centers that are attracting industrial and academic partners and investment focused on Defense-related research. A variety of tailored collaborative agreements protect the intellectual property of all parties, ensuring the confident pursuit of joint research. The entrepreneurial environment created by the Open Campus business practices encourages discovery through intellectual collaboration and fluid motion of researchers, innovation through sabbaticals and start-up companies, and transition through growth in patent licensing and technology transfer.

Open Campus practices are enabling ARL to become one of the best places to work by empowering work-life balance, enabling expansive cutting-edge research, expanding the number and diversity—intellectual, regional, cultural, gender, and age – of staff, and expanding science and technology capabilities through leveraged infrastructure investment.

ARL’s Open Campus is transforming the national security research culture, and will have a profound positive impact by accelerating the pace of innovation to provide increased capabilities for the Warfighter.