Versatile Tactical Power & Propulsion (VICTOR)

Develop knowledge and understanding of materials, designs, sensing and controlto inform energy/power solutions to enable future autonomous systems
• How do we maneuver in a contested environment with limited-to-no resupply?
• How do we optimize and integrate hybrid-electric propulsion with reliability, range and low noise maneuver?

Develop future operational conceptsfor heterogeneous mixes of manned and unmanned systems and dismounts to continuously maneuver semi-independently
• How do we intelligently distribute power for manned/unmanned systems and dismounts while semi-independently maneuvering?

Research Question
How do we operate in a contested environment with limited-to-no resupply (materials, designs, sensing and control to inform energy/power solutions for future autonomous systems)?

New materials and designs: Can new materials and designs be used for ignition assistance, fuel conversion, and fuel transfer to realize multi-fuel capability? Can new materials and designs be used for rapid recharging without sacrificing energy density or cycle life?
• New ignition assistant materials and designs that operate reliably under extremely high thermo-fluid impact and turbulent flow
• Reliable compact fuel property sensing methodology that can be used with an engine
• Ignition/combustion control over a wide range of fuels and extreme ambient conditions (altitude and temperature)
• New durable materials for extremely low viscosity liquid fuel transfer and lightweight materials that can sustain extreme thermo-mechanical stress
• High temperature materials and coupling designs for thermophotovoltaic energy conversion with over 10% system conversion efficiency and over 40 W/kg power density
• New anode and electrolytes for 10C recharging rates with acceptable energy density and cycle life

Optimization/integration tools
• Ignition/combustion models reliable at a wide range of ambient conditions
• Method to optimize hybrid-electric components in various configurations and sizes
• Excitation mitigation in an multi-purpose compact air management
• Explore the limitations in higher pressure-ratio lightweight air charging components (up to 5:1 pressure ratio)

Seamless power distribution: Can wireless and rapid recharging be achieved with acceptable weight,size, or signature penalties?
• Rapid recharging batteries that achieve 6-min recharging
• Wireless power charging with efficiency over 90% and insensitive to precise positioning
• Semi-autonomous seamless power redistribution during maneuvering
• Solid-state conversion and multi-fuel combustion power generation with <50 dBAacoustic signature