The overall Open Campus goal is to develop and expand the S&T ecosystem by bringing together government laboratories, academic institutions, and the private sector to form a global collaborative network.  ARL’s Open Campus is developing a diversified Regional Site infrastructure to more effectively partner across the national and international S&T ecosystem. Establishing research teams with regional partners will lead to new technology directions, new perspectives on Army problems, new industry collaborators, and ultimately new discoveries that will help the Army solve current and future challenges. ARL West, established with its headquarters at the University of Southern California in April 2016, focuses on human information interaction.  ARL’s partnership, ARL South, with University of Texas at Austin and other regional universities will leverage expertise and facilities throughout the south central region to accelerate discovery, innovation and transition of science and technology in support of the Department of Defense's Third Offset Strategy and the Army of 2050.  This hub focuses on additive manufacturing, biosciences, energy & power, energetic materials, and cyber science.  ARL Central and ARL Northeast are under development.

As another means to advance collaborative fundamental research, ARL has initiated 10 research centers.   These centers are being established as a consortium of Open Campus partner organizations leveraging expertise, facilities, and capabilities on an international scale to address challenging research problems critical to the U.S. Army and National Security.  Each of our centers are seeking active partners (individuals and organizations) that have mutual interest in the technical focus area.  Please explore the information on each to learn more.

ARL Centers