2017 Posters - Computational Sciences

ARL’s basic and applied research in Computational Sciences is focused on advancing the fundamentals of emerging computing architectures, computing sciences, predictive simulation sciences, and data intensive sciences, and to transform the future of complex Army applications. Gains made through these underpinning multidisciplinary research efforts and exploiting emerging advanced computing systems will lead to scientific breakthroughs that are expected to have significant impact on Army materiel systems. Technologies resulting from this multidisciplinary research, collaboratively with other ARL S&T campaign innovations, will have a significant impact on Power Projection Superiority, Information Supremacy, Lethality & Protection Superiority, and Soldier Performance Augmentation for the Army of 2030.


Tactical High Performance Computing

Programmability of Future Architectures

Programmable Computing & Network Algorithms and AbstractionsMPI

Controlling Quantum Networks From Dynamics to Applications

Methodologies for Scale-bridging in Multi-scale Simulation

Scalable Algorithms for Simulating Dislocations in Micro-structured Crystals

Time-Sensitive & Distributed Data Analytics

Large-Scale Network Data Analytics

Next Generation Architectures for Modeling and Simulation

Adaptive Computing for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Uncertainty Quantification

DOD Supercomputing Resource Center (DSRC)