2017 Posters - Human Sciences

ARL’s research in Human Sciences is focused on identifying, creating, and transitioning scientific discoveries and technological innovations underlying Human Behavior, Human Capa­bility Enhancement, and Integration of Humans and Systems that are critical to the U.S. Army’s future technological superiority. This campaign concentrates on high-risk and high-payoff transforma­tional basic research; critically-focused, promising applied research; and selective advanced tech­nology development that are expected to have revolutionary impacts on the Army’s warfighting capabilities. In addition to significantly improving the Army’s existing warfighting capabilities, it creates disruptive and game-changing Soldier-centric technologies for the Army, while also preventing technological surprises from potential adversaries.


Examining How Naturalistic Sleep Loss Modulates Performance: Interactions of Brain Networks and Social Networks Developing Novel Group Performance Metrics Using Network Analysis
Social Psychophysiology of Immersion Understanding Participant Engagement
Quantification of Visual Perception in Naturalistic Tasks Visual Search and Recognition under Real-World Dynamics
Interaction of Physical and Cognitive Performance Characterization of Human Gait States and Transitions between Gait States
Improving Neural Enhancement by Combining Stimulation and Network Analysis Multi-Sensory Interface for Information Foraging
Rapid Soldier Capability Enhancement Cloud GIFT –Virtual Open Campus
Army Sketchpad Mixed Reality Training Research to Improve Soldier Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Detection
Biotechnology and Concepts for the Manipulation of Cellular Processes to Achieve Training Endpoints Mixed Reality for Improved Battlespace Visualization
Individual Traits and Training Effectiveness: How Individual Differences Affect Response to Immersion in Virtual Training Environments Manned and Unmanned Collaborative Systems Integration
Human-Robot Interaction Performance Assessment of Multiple Cyber Security Teams in a Cyber Exercise Event
Visualizing Complex Sociocultural Data in Immersive Virtual Environments Joint Decision-Making in Human-Agent Teams