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U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Open Campus Open House

18-19 October 2017

Aberdeen Proving Ground
APG, Maryland

Privacy Act Statement

Authority: E.O. 12333, United States Intelligence Activities and Title 10, United States Code, Section 3013, National Security Act of 1947, Defense Authorization Act FY 1988 and 1989. Principal Purpose: To provide the commanders and officials with information to make a determination concerning non-US citizens being granted limited access authorization to ARL facilities and U.S. Defense Information. Your Social Security Number is used as an additional/alternate means of identification to facilitate filing and retrieval. Routine Use: To make a determination concerning access to defense facilities and information, and required for background information for evaluative purpose regarding DoD personnel, activities, or facilities. Disclosure: Disclosure of this information is voluntary, however, failure to furnish this information may result in an inadequate determination of proper access authority, and subsequent denial of access.