OSD/RPF SASSY 6-Month Project Demonstration

The OUSD(R&E) Prototype & Experiments DoD Rapid Prototyping Fund (RPF) Spectrum Access Sensor for Situational analYsis (SASSY) project is to develop a Radio Frequency (RF) sensor prototype to generate spectral situational awareness (SSA), dynamic spectrum access (DSA), signal identification (Signal ID), direction finding (DF), and various decision level processing (i.e. Metacognition) to provide and maintain radar capabilities in congested and contested electromagnetic environments (EME). To address these project goals, we created a technical eco-system of government laboratories, academia partners and contractual vendors.  This technical eco-system collaborated in the development of a Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) 3U Open VPX Chassis (>=3 slots) that houses the RF System on Chip (RFSoC) software defined radio (SDR) platform, single board computer (SBC) providing command and control (C2) and external system interface, and a hardware accelerator (Graphics Processing Unit) for advanced processing. The SASSY software architecture (Open/CL) is fully government-owned IP that can be leveraged by the DoD community to address a variety of RF and radar applications related to spectrum dominance. Specific to this demonstration we will show the functionality of the following: Wideband (WB) Fast Spectral Sensing (FSS) on a 1.5GHz instantaneous bandwidth input channel, demonstrate Narrowband (NB) FSS and Signal ID for all occupied sub-bands within a 100 MHz channel tuned within the WB channel, and the Metacognition decision process for DSA with pulsed chirp radar waveforms with adjustable bandwidth to exploit the largest unoccupied sub-band in a NB channel.  We will also show supplemental research that will be incorporated into the end prototype and for which we intend to demonstrate at our 12-month demonstration of this project.


MS Teams, link will be emailed once registered


31 March 2021, 0900 – 1600


Please contact Maria Kelly 301-394-2610 maria.n.kelly4.ctr@army.mil, Diane Green 301-394-0735 diane.green21.civ@army.mil, Valeria Atkinson 301-394-1502 valerie.atkinson.ctr@army.mil or Jennifer Brickerd 301-394-2530 jennifer.m.brickerd.ctr@army.mil.