OSD/RRTO SDRadar Meeting and Demonstration


The Rapid Reaction Technology Office (RRTO) SDRadar project is to develop a prototype sensor system to provide a resilient cognitive radar capability in congested electromagnetic environments (EME).  To address these project goals we (ARL & AFRL) created a technical eco-system of government laboratories, academia partners and contractual vendors.   This technical eco-system collaborated in developing the low-cost COTS SDRadar prototype consisting of a commercial National Instruments (NI) SDR (USRPx310) and architecture (LabVIEW) coding which is fully government-owned IP that can be leveraged by the DoD community to address a variety of radio frequency (RF) and radar applications related to spectrum dominance: dynamic spectrum access, spectrum sharing, and spectral situational awareness. The SDRadar leverages progress in open-architecture software defined radio hardware, radar machine learning, channel prediction, multi-objective optimization, notched waveform design, and reconfigurable RF front-end hardware to maximize radar performance.

Meeting Venue

MS Teams, link will be emailed once registered

Meeting Date/Time

VIP Only: 15 December 2020, 1000-1100

General Audience: 17 December 2020, 0900-1600

Questions/Concerns: Please contact Jennifer Brickerd 301-394-2200 jennifer.m.brickerd.ctr@army.mil, Travis Joy, travis.joy@alionscience.com or Maria Kelly 301-394-2610 maria.n.kelly4.ctr@army.mil