The ARL Technology Transfer (T2) Office aims to promote the transfer of ARL-developed Intellectual Property (IP) from the laboratory to the private sector, through the establishment of strategic partnerships and promotion of research opportunities, facilities, and capabilities. Many of ARL’s innovative technologies are available for exclusive licensing, often at competitive rates, and the T2 Office works to find entrepreneurs, businesses and technologists to transition these technologies to the commercial market. To find a list of featured ARL IP please click here


The T2 Office supports ARL’s mission to discover, innovate, and transition science and technology to ensure dominant strategic land power through the T2 Program’s four main goals:


Promote and facilitate the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge and capabilities between ARL and industry, academia, and local and foreign governments through cooperative enterprise.


Support international exchange, shared and cooperative research, equipment loans, and leverage research on a global scale.


Identify, protect, and license ARL technologies that have applications in the commercial, as well as military, sectors.


Assist industry by providing access to ARL's unique facilities and expertise via fee-based testing services.


Discover more about the ARL's capabilities, which enable them to carry our their mission.

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Learn where the U.S. Army Research Laboratory has its unique field elements and key research sites around the U.S.

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