Discover how the T2 Office at ARL can support you in taking your small business to the next level. Learn more about how partnerships and licensing around ARL-owned IP can provide an edge and competitive advantage to your venture.

These courses, modules, and webinars can be viewed as part of the larger Entrepreneurship Curriculum or individually as needed.

Provide entrepreneurs with an overview of the T2 process, both in general and at ARL, information on the benefits of T2 for entrepreneurs, T2 mechanisms at ARL, and links for external resources.

On completion of the curriculum, participants will learn/understand:
•What is Technology Transfer? Why is Technology Transfer important to me and my business?
•How does Technology Transfer operate within the ARL organization?
•What mechanisms exist at ARL to help me commercialize ARL’s IP?
•What are the key steps/considerations in forming an IP-based business?