Educational Partnership Agreements (EPAs) allow educational institutions and academic researchers the opportunity to access equipment and resources which may be unavailable at the institution. These agreements also provide opportunities for students and faculty to work on Army research projects and support students’ engagement in math, science and technology.

  • Encourage and enhance educational and research opportunities in STEM programs relevant to ARL S&T programs
  • Provide technical assistance to academic institutions which can enhance teaching and research
  • Establish strategic partnerships for sharing information, resources and personnel
  • Aid in the educational experience of students of all levels by providing a mechanism by which those can benefit from the staff expertise, unique facilities and equipment at ARL
  • Any local educational agency, colleges and universities, and nonprofit (501c3) institutions dedicated to improving science, mathematics, and engineering education can participate. Preference is given to elementary and secondary schools with mathematics and science education programs which are closely aligned with the National Education Goals.
  • EPAs are appropriate for any educational institution or nonprofit which seeks to build STEM educational and research capacity through partnership with ARL.

For additional information about EPAs, please contact us.