Exchange of Scientists and Engineers (ESEP) Program

• 17 MOUs in place with international partners
• Allow for the assignment of an international S&E to a DOD Lab or U.S. S&E to international Military research facility

Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) Program

• Test and evaluate Non‐Developmental Items (NDI) and Commercial Off‐The‐Shelf (COTS) technologies from foreign allies
• Satisfy Defense requirements quickly and economically

International Technology Alliance (ITA) in Network Information Science

• US/UK Consortium consists of government, academia and industry
• Interdisciplinary fundamental research

Project Agreements/Arrangements (PAs)

• It’s a partnership ‐ joint commitment
• Technology Base projects
• Joint Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights
• Collaborative program

Coalition Warfare Program (CWP)

• Transitions U.S. programs into coalition solutions for U.S. warfighter
• Influence coalition interoperability in major programs
• Enable access to leading‐edge global technology
• Address COCOM requirements of combined operations early in a program’s development cycle

Data Exchange Annex (DEAs)

• Exchange of information only
• No laboratory material or equipment
• For Evaluation Purposes Only