What if you could leverage tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of cutting edge research for a fraction of that cost?  A Patent License Agreement would allow you to do just that. For further information on PLAs please contact us.

A PLA provides a means for you to license an ARL patent/portfolio of patents or a patent application for commercialization or research purposes in your business.  ARL offers various types of license agreements (exclusive, partially exclusive, and non-exclusive) to allow you to select the right agreement to meet your needs.

To find ARL technologies to license, visit our Patent Portfolio or Featured Intellectual Property sections. For assistance in determining which PLA is right for you, please Contact Us.

  • Private corporations and small businesses (U.S. or foreign)
  • Nonprofit and not-for-profit institutions (U.S. or foreign)
  • State and local governments (U.S.)

The Patent License process can be long and complex. This Technology Outreach Portal was designed to help you find technology to license and provides educational information to help you through the process. ARL also offers support through its Partnership Intermediaries to help you from beginning (discovering the right IP for you) to end (growing a vibrant business).

  • Discover an ARL technology to license
  • Develop a commercialization plan
  • Negotiate the PLA with the ARL Technology Transfer Office
  • Grow a vibrant business

If you would like to find out more about how a PLA with ARL would benefit you, please Contact Us.