Department of Defense laboratories may make available to any person or entity (including universities), on a reimbursable basis, laboratory services for the testing of materials, equipment, models, computer software, and other items.

The legislation defines "person or entity" to be an individual, partnership, corporation, association, state, local, or tribunal government, or an agency or instrumentality of the United States. Thus, the only limitation on participants is that they may not be agencies of foreign governments.

A TSA should be used if the service is to be provided by the laboratory with no technical collaboration by the partner. The service performed must legitimately be the testing of materials, equipment, models, computer software, or other items. A TSA is not appropriate for research studies or investigations nor does it authorize the sale of products, only services. The entity requesting the laboratory's services must establish in writing that provision of the services will not constitute undue competition with the private sector and that the service requested does not involve expansion of laboratory capabilities or facilities, even if the requesting entity offers to finance the expansion.

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