Army Research Office Divisions

Organizational Structure

The Army Research Office’s scientific division falls into three divisions – Physical Sciences, Engineering Sciences and Information Sciences.

ARO is lead by Dr. Barton Halpern, ARO director.

Dr. Barton Halpern

Physical Sciences

  • Chemical Sciences
  • Life Sciences (including Social Science)
  • Physics

Research in the Physical Sciences is focused on basic research to discover, understand, and exploit physical, chemical, and biological phenomena. This research is of a fundamental nature; however, in the long term, discoveries in this area are expected to lead to revolutionary capabilities in sensing, communications, protection, wound healing, power/energy storage and generation, and materials that extend the performance of Army systems well beyond current limits.

Engineering Sciences

  • Electronics
  • Materials Science
  • Mechanical Sciences

Research in Engineering Sciences is focused on basic research to harness high risk discoveries in electronics, materials science, mechanical sciences and earth sciences.  In the long term, fundamental discoveries in these areas are expected to initiate unprecedented and disruptive capabilities in protection, mobility, sensing, computing, propulsion, networks, manufacturing and sustainment to assure the future technological superiority of our Soldiers and Army.

Information Sciences

  • Computing Sciences
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Network Sciences

Research in the Information Sciences is focused on discovering, understanding, and exploiting the mathematical, computational, and algorithmic foundations. Discoveries in this area are expected to lead to capabilities in materials, the information domain, and Soldier performance augmentation, well beyond the limits facing today’s Army.

For information on available ARO funding opportunities, visit the Broad Agency Announcements web page.