Army Research Office History

The Army Research Office was establish in 1951 on Duke University’s campus to serve as the Army’s principal agent for the planning, organization, selection, and management of extramural basic research in the physical sciences, engineering sciences, and informational sciences.

ARO was chartered to:

  • Plan and direct the research program of the Army to ensure the maxium utilization of the available scientific talent and to ensure a dynamic program responsive to the future requirements of the Army
  • Foster within the laboratories of the Army the best possible atmosphere for the prosecution of research
  • Provide the civilian scientific community with a point of contact or entry into the Army research community
  • Encourage and promote scientific training and education and to further civilian scientific activity in areas of interest to the Army

ARO become part of the Army Research Lab in 1998.

Today’s ARO funded research efforts support the Army Research Laboratory’s Essential Research Programs and feed into and impact all of the modernization priorities of for the Army.

Symbolism of ARO Crest

Seal of the Army Research Office

The protruding curves represent clouds (the air and sky), the wavy delineation represents water, and the area in between refers to land. The sun, the source of life and fire, emerging from the base and with the rays probing over the fess (earth, sky and sea), alludes to reach and discovery in all physical aspects of the universe.

The color green is symbolic of memory, knowledge, freshness of approach and unity; the color white (silver) of the human spirit, truth, time and enlightenment; the color yellow (gold) of the divine spirit, wisdom and energy.

The lightening is symbolic of inspiration, and grasped by the hand, it symbolizes the human attainment of new ideas and methods and their subsequent successful practical implementation.