The DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory recently moved from a five- to a three-directorate structure. DEVCOM ARL’s Weapons and Materials, Computational and Information Sciences, Human Research and Engineering, Sensors and Electron Devices, and Army Research Office were reorganized into ARL’s newly formed structure comprised of the Army Research Directorate, Army Research Office, and the Research Business Directorate. This new structure is designed to strengthen synchronization, coordination, and integration of the full ARL team, and ensures ARL supports Army priorities and achieves mission success of operationalizing science at the speed of relevance. Through this new structure, DEVCOM ARL seeks to remain at the forefront of executing the highest-quality research possible, building leaders in the scientific community, setting a bold Army-relevant science agenda and pushing beyond existing boundaries in search of new ideas. Additionally, the new organizational structure capitalizes on the lab’s efficient directorate structure by merging specific administrative and program elements into an improved organizational design. This new design fully integrates our internal and external foundational research efforts with simplified lines of communications and expanded authorities to meet current and future Army requirements.

DEVCOM ARL consists of three directorates: