Computational and Information Sciences


Discover, create and exploit fundamental scientific principles in the information, network and computational domains to ensure intelligent agent teaming for rapid decisions and effective autonomous maneuver.


Information dominance for the Army’s multi-domain operations

CISD conducts basic and applied research in Network & Information Sciences (NIS) and Computational Sciences (CS). Major research thrusts are focused on identifying, creating, and transitioning scientific discoveries and technological innovations in the areas of:

  1. Computational Modeling of Complex Systems to Predict Behaviors
  2. Data Processing and Data Analytics Toward Domain Understanding
  3. Intelligence and Autonomy for Maneuver Systems
  4. Reliability, Safety and Resilience in Communications, Networks and Tactical Cyberspace

Our cross cutting efforts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research is being performed across CISD and ARL to enable teams of highly-dispersed warfighters and intelligent agents to rapidly learn, adapt and reason faster than the adversary and to make decisions at the speed of the fight in distributed, dynamic, complex, cluttered environments.

Major Research Hubs:

  • DEVCOM ARL ALC (Adelphi, MD)
  • DEVCOM ARL APG (Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD)
  • DEVCOM ARL WSMR (White Sands, NM)