Human Research and Engineering


To discover, innovate, and transition S&T capabilities to: (1) empower Soldier squads with enhanced cognitive capabilities to make sound decisions quickly; (2) improve individual and small unit ability to maximize the effectiveness of advanced, intelligent technologies across the full range of military operations; (3) provide expeditionary forces with the capabilities to exploit group dynamics, from teams to cultures, to shape the operational environment and provide overmatch; and (4) forecast Soldier’s roles, capabilities, and performance with emerging and futuristic technologies on tomorrow’s battlefield.


The Army of 2050 maximizes the effectiveness of Soldiers to exploit advanced technologies and operate in small and large units in diverse social-cultural contexts around the globe. The desired end state of the Human Sciences core competency is to leverage the full range of S&T enablers to poise Soldiers to succeed in distributed operations and increasingly dynamic, complex multi-domain battlefields.

DEVCOM ARL’s Human Sciences core competency is focused on identifying, creating, and transitioning scientific discoveries and technological innovations underlying three research areas: Cognitive Dominance, Readiness for Technological Complexity, and Teaming Overmatch.  These areas are critical to the U.S. Army’s future technological superiority. This core competency concentrates on high-risk and high-payoff transformational basic research; and critically-focused, promising applied research that are expected to have revolutionary impacts on the Army’s warfighting capabilities. In addition to significantly improving the Army’s existing warfighting capabilities, DEVCOM ARL’s Human Sciences research creates disruptive and game-changing Soldier-centric technologies for the Army, while also preventing technological surprises from potential adversaries.

Major Research Hub

  • DEVCOM ARL APG (Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD)