Vehicle Technology

The Vehicle Technology Directorate (VTD) establishes knowledge and understanding to enable beyond next generation vehicle platform technologies to support the future warfighter. The goal at VTD is to shape the vision of the future battlefield imagined for 2035 and beyond, by achieving discovery and innovation in the areas of autonomous air and ground vehicles; next generation propulsion and power; and disruptive concepts for vertical lift and mobility. Establishment of new science and technology to enable the realization of structurally-adaptive, unmanned maneuver platforms – envisioned to integrate into manned-unmanned as well as unmanned-unmanned teams is a unique area of focus for VTD. This includes the realization of capabilities that will utilize intelligence to exploit and engage the operational environment for improved situational awareness; as well as internal state (IS) awareness for assessing capabilities and limitations of embodied intelligence with respect to mission objectives and diverse mission sets.

Major Research Hubs

  • DEVCOM ARL APG (Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD)
  • DEVCOM ARL Central (Chicago, IL)
  • DEVCOM ARL South (Austin, TX)
  • DEVCOM ARL North East (Boston, MA)
  • DEVCOM ARL West (Playa Vista, CA)

Core Competencies

  • Propulsion Sciences
  • Network and Information Sciences