Locations and Facilities

DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory provides foundational research in support of U.S. Army Modernization, and is focused on disruptive science and technology for the long term by performing research to answer the hardest S&T questions for future Army capabilities. DEVCOM ARL’s diverse assortment of unique facilities and its workforce of government engineers and scientists comprise the largest source of world-class integrated research in the Army. The lab’s facilities and regional locations focus on the Army’s Priority Research Areas as well as technology areas critical to strategic dominance across the entire spectrum of operations.

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Primary Sites

Regional Sites

ARL regional sites create strong, enduring S&T partnerships–working together to solve the Army’s current and future challenges. ARL regional sites leverage regional expertise and facilities to accelerate the operationalizing of science for transformational overmatch.

Facilities Book

Facilities Book

The DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory operates laboratories, testing facilities, ranges, offices and many one-of-a-kind facilities in several prominent locations around the U.S. In many cases, the laboratory’s collaborations with other nations, laboratories, academia and industry span the globe. ARL operates from several primary locations including Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., Adelphi Laboratory Center, Md., Research Triangle Park, N.C., and White Sands Missile Range, N.M., with field elements strategically located at Army installations from coast to coast.

This book provides an overview of DEVCOM ARL’s facilities at these locations and how they help ARL accomplish its mission of operationalizing science for transformational overmatch. The diversity of our laboratories coupled with a world-class research team are leading to fundamentally advantageous change to the Army – that is rooted in the creation and exploitation of scientific knowledge – at the speed of relevance.