The United States Merchant Marine Academy is grateful to the organizers of the WISE Challenge for the opportunity to compete alongside our sister federal Service Academies.  Although our primary mission is to produce Merchant Marine Officers to operate U.S. flagged commercial vessels, the Academy has a long history of producing world-class leaders and innovators in the marine industry, afloat and ashore, as well as officers in all Service branches. Our blend of theory, design and practical hands-on education and training has served our nation well, in peace and war.  The projects presented are the result of our Kings Point Scholar program participants.  This is a 9-credit independent research project, guided by a faculty advisor that students voluntarily take on in addition to their nominally 170-credit programs. This challenge provides our students with an opportunity to highlight the depth and breadth of the education, their personal interests, as well as their capacity to do more with less - a hallmark of our service - and we're thankful for the opportunity.  

CAPT William Caliendo, USMS, PhD, PE 
Head, Department of Marine Engineering 
United States Merchant Marine Academy

Project A



Maritime Applications of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing