About WISE

The Warfighter Innovation in Science & Engineering (WISE) Challenge is a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) competition among all five prestigious U.S. Service Academies. Cadets/Midshipmen from the United States Military Academy (USMA), the United States Naval Academy (USNA), the United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA), the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), and the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) will present their innovative solutions to Service-specific or joint-mission challenges in a virtual format on 26-27 April 2022.  

Projects will be judged for innovation, technical approach/analysis, operational impact to the Warfighter, and how well their idea is communicated to the judges.

The WISE Challenge was designed in partnership with all Academies with the intent of DEVCOM Soldier Center hosting annually. The goal is to showcase innovative, undergraduate research and development achievements in both science and engineering.  In addition, the WISE Challenge will serve as a conduit to expand networks between Academies and DoD stakeholders. 

Competition Format 

  • Each Service Academy can send up to 3 teams to compete.
  • Academies determine their own challenge problems or areas deemed relevant to their unique missions, and/or the joint Warfighter.
  • Each team will provide a poster of their project for viewing by the public before 26 April 2022.
  • Competing teams will present their projects and answer questions to the WISE Challenge panel of judges on 26 April 2022.

 Winning Projects

Judging Criteria for Projects 

  • Innovation (20%): Is the approach creative?  Is there potential for disruptive or breakthrough innovation?

  • Technical (35%): How rigorous was the team’s technical approach and analysis?

  • Impact (35%): What is the degree/breadth of operational impact to the Warfighter? Does it offer a solution to a capability gap or create a new capability in our mission?

  • Communication (10%): Has the team effectively conveyed their project’s objective, background, approach, and outcomes to the audience? 

Prize money will be awarded as follows to the top four teams

  • 1st Place: $1200 per team member
  • 2nd Place: $900 per team member
  • 3rd Place: $600 per team member
  • Honorable mention: $300 per team member