United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA)

Welcome to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy’s WISE site. We are honored to once again be a part of this Service Academy STEM competition. This year the U.S. Coast Guard Academy’s WISE teams feature the Department of Science. These entries showcase just a few of the service related projects Cadets complete as part of their capstone research experience in Marine and Environmental Science. We are extremely proud of the work our students do every year to advance Coast Guard missions and address Coast Guard needs. Thank you for supporting our Cadets and good luck to all the teams.

CAPT Gregory J. Hall, Ph.D.
Vice Provost of Research
U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Project A

Project B

Project C

Coming Soon Climate Change, Ships, & the Bering Sea: Using an open-source machine learning tool to predict the future distribution of commercial fishing vessels Trace Drug Contamination on Vessels Carrying Multi-Ton Loads of Cocaine