2023 Winners

Congratulations to all who participated in this years WISE competition, the winners are:

1st Place

U.S. Military Academy
Adaptive RF Emitter
CDT Samuel Della-Santina, Zachary Wolsborn, Sebastian Wilkinson


A low cost and reproducible RF emitter is designed to meet a variety of Electronic Warfare training and force protection missions, allowing users to generate signals with various properties including frequency hopping, and to better prepare forces for the modern battlefield.

2rd Place

U.S. Air Force Academy
CDTs Andrew Hancock, Wesley Park, John Cook, McKenzie "Mac" Steiner

Model-Based Validation of U.S. Military Scenarios with Digital Threads

3rd Place

U.S. Naval Academy
Covert Radiation Anomaly Bomb Sensor
Midn Mary Brackett, Doug Gologorsky, Ben Werve, Brant Purcell, Matt Niichel

The CRABS team has developed a system of portable and stationary covert radiation sensors to be used in publicly trafficked areas such as sports venues. This system is directional and integrated to allow the identification and localization of illicit radiation sources.

Honorable Mentions

U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Cube Sat
1/c Alyssa Burns, 1/c Rebecca Emerson, 1/c Godwyn Piang Nee

Establishing operating procedures for the Mobile CubeSat Command and Control (mC3) ground station, located at the USCGA. Paving the way for its use in educational, research, and military future CubeSat missions by CGA and its partner institutions.

On April, 25, 2023, competing projects presented their projects to our WISE Challenge panel of judges.  Projects were evaluated and scored on four weighted categories:

Innovation, which counted for 20% and consisted of: creativity of the approach, potential to provide or enable an innovative solution for the Warfighter and vision of how work could be continued.

Technical, which counted for 35% and consisted of the soundness of the technical approach.

Impact, which counted for 35%, consisted of the degree/breadth of future operational impact and alignment to service challenge stated by the competitor.

Communication, which counted for 10%, consisted of how well the project’s objective, background, approach and outcomes were communicated to the audience.