ARL supports Career Day at Aberdeen area school

October 31, 2012

Story Highlights

  • ARL supports Career Day event held for students at St. Joan of Arc School located in Aberdeen, Md.
  • ARL provided Humvee and armor vests for local career day
  • ARL supports STEM outreach

Employees of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) participated in a Career Day event held for students at St. Joan of Arc School in Aberdeen, Md., on Oct. 3. Students had the opportunity to see and hear about more than 20 career opportunities to include seeing an up-armored Humvee and trying on armor vests.

"It was a very rewarding experience to represent the lab to a group of students who were very interested in our efforts," said Tim Burcham, engineering technician, ARL's Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate (SEDD). "Of course, having such a large show-and-tell piece doesn't hurt! The students seemed to really like the vehicle and the armor vests we brought."

Burcham designs and fabricates antenna components, systems and fixtures for the experimental needs of SEDD's Antennas Branch. Throughout the day, students enjoyed learning about different careers. Some of the visitors included a photojournalist, a veterinarian, a jeweler, an artist, an engineer, a cyber security specialist, a dentist, a librarian, a banker, and an Army Soldier.

In addition to the indoor displays, students also met with the visitors outside. An organic farmer brought a calf, a pony, sheep and roosters. Employees from ARL brought a HMMWV (M1151A1). This vehicle is tested for upgrades and modifications that are ultimately made to deployment vehicles. APG's Ground Fire and Emergency Services brought a fire truck. A firefighter/paramedic brought an ambulance for the children to see and Aberdeen Police officers brought the new community vehicle as well as a patrol car.

Some students were inspired by the day. One first grader, Emily, wants to be a vet. "I think it is cool to help animals." Jacob, a fourth grade student at St. Joan of Arc School, wants to be a cyber security decoder. He said he wants to use his math and science skills to crack codes like a spy.

"Career Day is a wonderful opportunity for our students to get a glimpse at some fascinating career possibilities available to them. On a day like today, students can see how their everyday class work can relate to future careers," said Virginia Bahr, principal at St. Joan of Arc School.

As a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM ) school, St. Joan of Arc School follows a clearly defined model, which includes continuous professional development of teachers, integrated use of computer technology and technology teaching tools, a successful advanced math track, data-driven decision making, the presence of a science lab and partnerships with businesses and universities that are focused on one or more STEM disciplines.


Last Update / Reviewed: October 31, 2012