Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge Winners Announced

May 05, 2011

Story Highlights

  • Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge winners announced by the U.S. Army.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) was this year's focus.
  • Goal of the yearly challenge is to discover innovative and interactive applications in a virtual environment.

Orlando, Fla. - The U.S. Army recently announced the winners of the second annual Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge (FVWC) at the 2011 Defense GameTech Users' Conference. The goal of the open and global challenge is to discover innovative and interactive applications implemented in a virtual environment.

The annual event is led by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory's Simulation and Training Technology Center. Entry criteria are intentionally unbound to encourage creative results. This year the focus was on artificial intelligence.

Challenge winners received a cash prize and travel accommodations to the GameTech Conference in Orlando, Fla., to showcase their entries. An award ceremony was held on March 24, 2011 in front of a combined, live and virtual audience of over 600 individuals. Below are the results of the award ceremony.

Grand Prize ($25,000): CliniSpace
Dr. Parvati Dev and Dr. Wm. LeRoy Heinrichs,
of Innovation in Learning, Inc.

Patterns of Life Category

1st Place ($5,000): NonKin Village
Barry G. Silverman, ACASA Lab, and IMC Team,
University of Pennsylvania

2nd Place ($3,000): Second Life Checkpoint Exercise
University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technology's Virtual Intelligent
Guides in Online Realms (VIGOR) Team

3rd Place ($1,000): Uruk: The First City
Anton Bogdanovych
University of Western Sydney

AI Assisted Training Category

1st Place ($5,000): CliniSpace
Dr. Parvati Dev and Dr. Wm LeRoy Heinrichs,
Innovation in Learning, Inc.

2nd Place ($3,000): Hurricane Shelter Simulation
Andrew Boyarsky
CUNY School of Professional Studies

3rd Place ($1,000): Standby Monitor Regulator Station
Kevin Simkins, VyperSim

AI Concept Exploration Category

1st Place ($5,000): Intelligence Training
Robert Daniel

2nd Place ($3,000): Curiosity AI
Shannon Bohle

3rd Place ($1,000): Next Gen Prototerra AI Demo
Robert Flesch

This organization is enthusiastic about the use of an innovation challenge as a means of demonstrating cutting edge technology in virtual environments. Everyone is encouraged to be part of next year's challenge. Additional information is available at www.fvwc.army.mil.


Last Update / Reviewed: May 5, 2011