ARL participates in 2012 ISEF

July 19, 2012

Story Highlights

  • Recently, the 2012 International Science and Engineering Fair was held in Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • Of the 35 judges, twelve were from ARL.
  • The Army awarded $1,500 portable scholarships to 19 students at this year's ISEF.

Recently, the 2012 International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) was held in Pittsburgh, Pa., where 35 Army scientists, engineers and mathematicians volunteered their time to travel to interview hundreds of students about their research and determine which students should receive Army awards.

Of the 35 judges, twelve were from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory's (ARL) Army Research Office (ARO), including Dr. Cliff Wang, Dr. Lisa Marvel, Dr. Jaret Riddick, Dr. Larry Russell, Dr. Barbara Nichols, Dr. David Stepp, Dr. Philip Chan, Dr. Virginia Pasour, Dr. Michael Greenfield, Dr. Jennifer Dunn, Dr. Sandra Young, and Allison Newcomb.

According to Dr. Michael Greenfield, some of the most valuable parts of the Army's participation in ISEF are the possibility of recruiting the best students and future employees for the Army and acquiring novel unexpected ideas for research.

"Participation in ISEF is absolutely unique, as compared with other Army programs for youth, from the standpoint of understanding of the worldwide dynamics and trends in research," said Greenfield.

Since 1960, ARO has facilitated the Army Special Awards Program, providing awards on behalf of the Secretary of the Army, and coordinating Army personnel to judge projects and present awards at over 200 science fairs annually.

ISEF culminates over 400 science fair competitions, bringing together approximately 1,500 high school students to compete for valuable awards from industry, academia, professional societies, government agencies and military services.

The Department of the Army participates in the ISEF not only to stimulate science and engineering education among American youth, but also to enhance the recruitment of future technical personnel.

According to Ashley Wade, youth sciences program manager, ARL has a long history of supporting future scientists at outreach programs like ISEF.

"The students really enjoy the opportunity to meet scientists with interest in their research, and I'm confident our scientists enjoy it equally as much," said Wade.

Wade also stated that ISEF is a great opportunity to encourage talented high school students to consider internships and fellowships that might lead to research careers at ARL.

The Army awarded $1,500 portable scholarships to 19 students at this year's ISEF. Those highlighted were specifically selected by ARL judges.

2012 ISEF Awardees

AS010 Evidence for a Role of Genetics and Foaling Date in Equine Wobbler Syndrome
Miranda Nickole Richardson, 17, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, Lexington, Ky.

BE015 Compilation of Social Media Political Conversations, Linguistic Twitter Profile Analysis, and Media Bias to Accurately Reflect Regional Political Climates
Shawn David Meacham, 18, West Salem High School, Salem, Ore.

BI027 Novel Strategies for the PET Imaging of Colorectal Cancer Using the A33 Antibody
Priya Mohindra, 17, Yorktown High School, Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

CB026 Sweet Poison: A Second Year Study
Samantha Elizabeth Grace Curran, 17, Southmoore High School, Moore, Okla.

CH039 Determining the Quantum Limit of Palladium and Gold Nanometallic Supercatalyst by Kinetic Method
Mai-Anh Nguyen Vu, 16, McNeil High School, Austin, Texas

CS018 Digital Mat: An Adaptive User Interface with Real-Time Neurological Feedback to Enhance Attention among ADHD Individuals Phase II
Noor Rejah Muhyi, 17, Las Cruces High School, Las Cruces, N.M.

EA001 Evaporation vs. Evapotransporation
Breanne Williams, 17, South Sumter High School, Bushnell, Fla.

EE015 An Alternative Optical Analyzer II
Nicholas Andrew McCoy, 17, Academy of Science and Technology, The Woodlands, Texas

EM031 A Novel Apparatus for Catalytic Oxidation of Glycerol Produced during Biodiesel Synthesis
Yohan Alexander Sumathipala, 17, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Alexandria, Va.

EN024 Engineering a Novel Hydrogel Matrix for Bone Cell Regeneration
Sneha Subramaniam, 18, Westborough High School, Westborough, Mass.

ET026 Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Piezoelectric Generator: A Novel Approach to Harvesting Vibrations from Human Respiration to Power Biological Implant Devices
Bridget Mary Oei, 16, East Catholic High School, Manchester, Conn.

EV006 An Experimental Study of the Impact of Target Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emissions on Lung Health PLUS a Novel Risk Assessment Model to Predict Their Effect on the Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR); and the Development of a New VOC Adsorption Filter
Naomi Chetan Shah, 16, Sunset High School, Portland, Ore.

MA010 Integrals of Rational Functions
Magda Lee Hlavacek, 17, Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy, Saginaw, Mich.

ME028 A Novel Paper Sensor for the Detection of Pancreatic Cancer
Jack Thomas Andraka, 15, North County High School, Glen Burnie, Md.

MI019 Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction of Temporal Expression of Glucose Oxidase in Apis mellifera
Corinne Marie Demler, 17, Pecatonica Area High School, Blanchardville, Wis.

PH051 Neuronal Nonlinear Dynamics: From an Optical Illusion to Parkinson's Disease
Sara Kornfeld Simpson, 15, Patrick Henry High School, San Diego, Calif.

PS007 Interactions between Piriformospora indica and Glomus intraradices on Maize
Michael Allen Mann, 18, Westwood High School, Austin, Texas

$1,500 scholarship shared between two teammates:
EE322 Reinventing the Wheel: The Omnidirectional Track System
Andrew Kenneth Messing, 17, Hardin Valley Academy, Knoxville, Tenn. Philip Christian Keller, 17, Hardin Valley Academy, Knoxville, Tenn.


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