Popular Science Magazine

October 25, 2011


Popular Science Magazine - in its September 2011 issue, listed the Top 25 "Coolest Labs in the Country" or as they liked to say, "awesome college labs." ARL, due to its strong mentorships of high school and college students, was the only military lab featured and came in at number 13.

Christopher Kroninger, acting team leader, ARL's Microsystem Mechanics Team mentored Keith McKinzie from the Science and Math Academy at Aberdeen High School. Kroninger said mentorship at ARL is taken very seriously, there are guidelines to follow and the students document and present the research they accomplish. It's important not to just give students the tasks that others don't want to do.

McKinzie's project involved insect size robots that would infiltrate and warn Soldiers of an impending threat. McKinzie said engineering is like a technical art. He said it is freer and he can use his creativity.


Last Update / Reviewed: October 25, 2011