ARL's Center for Cold Spray Research and Development

May 12, 2010


ARL and the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center are collaborating to investigate the antimicrobial benefit of using copper and copper alloys for use in medical shelters that will be used in theater to treat injured Soldiers. In this video, Victor Champagne, Innovative Materials and Processes team leader in WMRD, explains how ARL's Center for Cold Spray Research and Development is the only Department of Defense facility to have research and development, production, and field-repair capability in cold spray. The Center, based in the Rodman Building at APG, features three stationary cold spray systems used for R&D and prototyping as well as six portable systems that can be used in the field. The center is now the most sophisticated spray facility in the world.


Last Update / Reviewed: May 12, 2010