Beyond Protection: ARL's ballistic expertise improves personal protection equipment

September 24, 2012

The U.S Army Research Laboratory is solving a critical technology gap it identified that calls for protection solutions against the secondary effects of buried explosive devices. Researchers within ARL's Weapons and Materials Research Directorate began developing a testing methodology to investigate a number of material combinations that would continually improve upon personal protection equipment, particularly around the groin region, that had already been fielded.

ARL is leveraging expertise in ballistic research to produce a repeatable, measurable means of testing how well materials like silk, Kevlar and others resist penetration by propelling sand and other debris at a high velocity and high temperature. This methodology would eventually provide the Program Executive Office Soldier with an evaluation tool used to understand how materials perform against a range of threats, and provide measurable insight on other important material factors such as breathability, thermal resistance and comfort that affect the Soldier's ability to function and execute their mission.


Last Update / Reviewed: September 24, 2012