2012 Army Research and Development Achievement Awards go to more than 30 ARL professionals

May 16, 2013

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  • ARL scientists and engineers received 2012 Army RDA awards.
  • ARL recognized in leadership, technical achievement and collaboration.
  • Congratulations to all winners.

U.S. Army Research Laboratory scientists and engineers were recently recognized with several 2012 Army Research and Development Achievement Awards.

In all, over 30 ARL researchers were recognized in the categories of leadership, technical achievement and collaboration.

The awardees were chosen from thousands of nominees based on their dedication, hard work, and leadership in both research and technological development that supports the current and future needs of Soldiers.

Outstanding Technical Leadership Award

Dr. Betsy M. Rice
Title: Leadership - Energetic Materials

Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards

Dr. Luke Currano, Dr. Chris Morris, Wayne Churaman, and Dr. Collin Becker
Title: Integrated Nanoenergetic Devices

Dr. Rick Beyer
Title: Development of Optically Repairable, Transparent Plastics

Dr. Dimitra Stratis-Cullum, Dr. Joshua M. Kogot, Dr. Paul M. Pellegrino, Joe Pennington, Dr. Margaret M. Hurley, and Dr. James P. Carney (Edgewood Chemical Biological Center)
Title: Synthetic Recognition Elements

Seth R. Ghiorse and Dr. Chian-Fong Yen
Title: Three-Dimensional Through-Thickness Reinforced Ceramic-Composite Armor

Dr. Gregory J. Mazzaro
Title: Ring-Resonator Technique for Identification of Dielectric Properties of IED Charges and Soils

Damian Urciuoli
Title: High-Speed, Scalable, Bidirectional, Solid-State Circuit Breaker Development

Dr. John K. Brennan, Dr. Sergey Izvekov, and Dr. DeCarlos Taylor
Title: Atomistic and Sub-Grain Modeling of Energetic Materials

Dr. Shiqiong S. Young and Dr. Shuowen Hu
Title: Super-Resolution Technology for National Security

Dr. Olukayode Okusaga and Dr. Weimin Zhou
Title: Photonic Synthesis and Distribution of Ultra-Low-Noise Radio Frequency Signals

Ms. Melanie W. Cole, Dr. Ryan C. Toonen, Mr. Eric Ngo, Mr. Clifford Hubbard, Samuel G. Hirsch, and Dr. Mathew P. Ivill
Title: A Materials Physics Innovation to Achieve Enhanced and Balanced Material Properties to Enable the Army's Next Generation On-The-Move Communications Systems

Dr. W. Casey Uhlig and Dr. Charles R. Hummer
Title: Magnetic Diffusion Analysis of In-flight Shaped Charge Jets for Temperature Measurement and Material Model Validation

Outstanding Collaboration Award

Dr. Michael J. Nusca, Robert S. Michaels (Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center), and Nathan P. Mathis (AMRDEC)
Title: Utilization of Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Development and Testing of Controllable Thrust Gel Bipropellant Rocket Engines for Tactical Missiles

Congratulations to all of the winners!


Last Update / Reviewed: May 16, 2013