Army lab launches Center for Adaptive Soldier Technologies

November 30, 2016

By Joyce M. Conant, ARL Public Affairs

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. (Nov. 30, 2016) -- The Center for Adaptive Soldier Technologies, or CAST, with a technical focus on human-centric approaches to adapting technologies to Soldiers, launched its new website that is available to all interested researchers. The U.S. Army Research Laboratory announced the virtual center at its recent Open Campus Open House in Adelphi, Maryland.

"The primary intent of the CAST is to foster an open technical dialogue and to build an active community of interested volunteers that push the boundaries in both science and technologies within this specific area," said Dr. Kaleb McDowell, lead of the Center for Adaptive Soldier Technologies. "It's about connecting people to research and enabling the workforce to engage in open discussions in the spirit of Open Campus."

CAST has taken the approach to develop a virtual center augmented with sharable brick and mortar facilities. The centerpiece of the CAST is a website that hosts a dynamic technical dialogue framed by:

  • Higher level research and demonstration thrusts
  • Community of interest including individual and team partners
  • Associated Open Campus laboratories and facilities
  • Activities and opportunities to enhance the science and technology ecosystem in this specific technical area.

"We are excited about the launch of the CAST and the response of numerous scientists and engineers who have already volunteered content and took the responsibility for ensuring active future participation for particular research projects and laboratories," McDowell said. "A special thank you to David Chhan and Tom Smith for enabling the transition from an idea to an implemented website."

CAST co-leader Sandy Howard said the initial launch is not intended to be inclusive of all activity in this particular area, but rather it is intended to reflect the activity of those people who have already volunteered to participate in CAST.

"We encourage greater participation from anyone interested in this technical area and are actively welcoming new CAST members to contribute to the technical discussion and help shape the future directions of the CAST," she said.

While the leaders do not envision the CAST approach to be a fit for every center or research area across ARL, they encourage all to interact with the website and will be glad to share the details of their approach with any interested parties.

If you would like to become a CAST member, have feedback, or just have a question, please contact McDowell or Howard through the website.

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory is part of the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, which has the mission to provide innovative research, development and engineering to produce capabilities that provide decisive overmatch to the Army against the complexities of the current and future operating environments in support of the joint warfighter and the nation. RDECOM is a major subordinate command of the U.S. Army Materiel Command.


Last Update / Reviewed: November 30, 2016