JSHS Students Introduced to Real-world Science

February 04, 2010

JSHS Students spend time with ARL Director John Miller

About 10 students participating in the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium were introduced to the real world of science and engineering research during their Jan. 7, 2010 visit to the U.S. Army Research Laboratory.

Starting their trip out with a welcome from ARL Director John Miller, the students toured five laboratories and were given the opportunity to talk to the scientists.

"It was good interaction with the students," said Dr. Chatt Williamson, an ARL mathematician who demonstrated computer programs and 3-D visualization of modeled weather data. "I wanted to expose the students to ways we use mathematics and other ways we study science."

The DoD-sponsored JSHS program, which started at the Army Research Office in 1958, promotes math and science to students by hosting symposiums along with giving awards and scholarships to regional and national science competitors.

"It's great to have a program like (JSHS), especially for high school kids to get that kind of exposure," said Sarah Bedair, an ARL electronics engineer who talked about small-scale power conversion projects.

In addition to hosting the regional JSHS program, ARL engineers and scientists also regularly volunteer as judges for its national competitions and mentor the youth in other events.

For more information on JSHS, visit www.jshs.org.


Last Update / Reviewed: February 4, 2010