Pellegrino selected as Computational and Information Sciences Director

August 09, 2011

Story Highlights

  • ARL Director announces new CISD Director.
  • New CISD Director Dr. John Pellegrino.
  • 2009 Meritorious Presidential Rank award winner announced as CISD Director.

U.S. Army Research Laboratory Director John Miller announced Aug. 2 that Dr. John Pellegrino was selected as the permanent director of the Computational and Information Sciences Directorate.

Since his appointment to the Senior Executive Service in 1998, Dr. Pellegrino has served as the director of the Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate.

In his announcement, Miller said that he is looking forward to Dr. Pellegrino's continuing contributions as an ARL leader and innovator.

Dr. Pellegrino began his professional career as a physicist in September 1981 at the Harry Diamond Laboratories.

Dr. Pellegrino also has served as the chief, Electro-Optics and Acoustics Division and associate director for sensors research. Additional appointments include chief, ARL Signal and Information Processing Division, and chief, Optical Processing Branch, Harry Diamond Laboratories.

Dr. Pellegrino is a fellow of the International Optical Engineering Society (SPIE), and a Senior Member of the IEEE; he is also a member of AAAS, Sigma Xi, and the Optical Society of America. He is a recipient of the 2009 Meritorious Presidential Rank Award; twice recipient of the U.S. Army Research and Development Achievement Award (1994 and 1997), and a recipient of the Harry Diamond Laboratories Hinman Award for Technical Achievement (1986).

He has authored and co-authored more than two dozen technical papers and reports, and is co-editor of the book Acousto-Optic Signal Processing.


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