Facilities & Capabilities

Facilities & Capabilities

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) provides America's Soldiers the technological edge through scientific research, technology development, and analysis. We provide scientific and technological innovation in a variety of technical disciplines, through direct in-house laboratory efforts and joint programs with government, industry, and academia. We also analyze the performance of existing developmental weapon systems, with emphasis on factors such as survivability, lethality, man-machine interface, and battlefield environmental effects. To remain at the cutting edge of technology, we must maintain a wide range of resources. Among the most important of these resources are our facilities. We are able to conduct highly advanced and specialized research at our facilities because of their unique and sometimes one-of-a-kind features.

Should you wish to use a facility on a fee-based service, see here. Download a document highlighting key ARL facilities.

Computational Sciences

  • ARL Supercomputing Research Center (APG)291989
    • DoD Supercomputing Resource Center
    • Data Analysis and Assessment Center
  • Asymmetric Core Computing Laboratory and Tactical Computing Facility (ALC)
  • Computational Sciences Laboratory APG

Extramural Basic Research

  • Army Research Office (Research Triangle Park, NC)

Human Sciences

  • Cognitive Assessment, Simulation, and Engineering Laboratory (APG)
  • Environment for Auditory Research Facility (APG)
  • Mission Impact through Neuro-Inspired Design Laboratory
  • Soldier Performance and Equipment Advanced Research Facility (APG)
  • System Assessment and Usability Laboratory (APG)

Information Sciences

  • ARL Enterprise Optical Network Research Test Bed (APG)
  • Cyber Defense Research and Monitoring Laboratory (ALC)
  • Imaging and Sensing Analysis Laboratory (ALC)
  • Spesutie Island Robotics Research Facility 1 (APG)
  • Tactical Information Analytics Facility (APG)
  • Visualization Augmentation Laboratory for User Experiments Facility
  • Wireless Emulation Laboratory (ALC)

Materials Research

  • Acoustic and Electro-Optic Propagation Range Site (Maryland)
  • Advanced Materials Growth and Processing Facility (ALC)
  • Advanced Microanalysis Facility (ALC)
  • Aerosol Research Facility (ALC)
  • Applied Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory (ALC)
  • ARL Center for Advanced Polymer Processing (APG)
  • BSL I-II Biotechnology Multi-User Facility (ALC)
  • Center for Cold Spray Research and Development (APG)
  • Cold Atom Optics and Quantum Network Laboratory (ALC)
  • Directed Energy Anechoic Chamber (ALC)
  • Dissimilar Materials Assembly System (APG)
  • Electric Field Cage (ALC)
  • Electrochemical Facility (ALC)
  • Electro-Optic and Acoustic Remote Sensing Laboratories (ALC)
  • Flexible Electronics Research Facility (ALC)
  • Heterogeneous Electronics - Wafer Level Integration, Packaging, and Assembly Facility (ALC)
  • High Energy Solid State Laser Research Facility (ALC)
  • High Power Fiber Laser Test Bed (ALC)
  • High Power, Scalable, and Integrated Eyesafe Laser Test Bed (ALC)
  • High Speed On-Wafer Characterization Laboratory (ALC)
  • Intelligent Optics Laboratory (ALC)
  • Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy System (ALC)
  • Magnetics Research Facility (ALC)
  • Materials Characterization Facility (APG)
  • MEMS/Electronic Device Design and Characterization Facility (ALC)
  • Microwave/Millimeter-wave Anechoic Chamber (ALC)
  • Millimeter-wave Instrumentation Test Facility (ALC)
  • Nanoelectronics Characterization Laboratory (ALC)
  • Near Field Test Facility (ALC)
  • Nonlinear Materials Characterization Facility (ALC)
  • Photolithography and Micro-Fabrication/Packaging Laboratories (ALC)
  • Photovoltaic Research Facility (ALC)
  • Smart Battlefield Energy on Demand Facility (ALC)
  • Specialty Electronic Materials and Sensors Cleanroom Research Facility (ALC)
  • Structural Integrity and Durability Laboratory (APG)
  • Superconducting Materials Research Facility (ALC)
  • Thermoelectric Research Facility (ALC)
  • UV to THz Spectroscopy and Characterization Facility (ALC)

Science-for-Lethality & Protection

  • Aerodynamics Experimental Research Facility (APG)
  • Armor Experimental Facility (APG)
  • Basic Research Firing Facility (APG)
  • Composites Processing Research Facilities (APG)
  • Crew and Component Protection Laboratory (ALC)
  • Dynamic Rocket-Propelled Grenade Firing Facility (APG)
  • Enclosed Small and Medium Caliber Firing Experimental Facility (APG)
  • Experimental Facility 20 (APG)
  • Explosively Formed Penetrator Terminal Effects Research Facility (APG)
  • Guidance Research Facility (APG)
  • High Rate Mechanical Characterization Facility (APG)
  • Large and Small-Caliber Armor Research Facility (APG)
  • Large-Caliber Terminal Ballistics Facility (APG)
  • Novel Energetic Research Facility (APG)
  • Precision Munition Electro-Sciences Facility (APG)
  • Reverse Ballistic Air Gun Facility (ALC)
  • Target Assembly Facility (APG)
  • Transonic Experimental Research Facility (APG)


  • Catalytic Fuel Conversion Facility (ALC)
  • Combustion Research Laboratory (APG)
  • Drives Team Facilities (Ohio)
  • Fuel Reformation Laboratory (ALC)
  • Heat Engine Systems Altitude Test Facility (APG)
  • High Temperature Propulsion Materials Laboratory (APG)
  • Mechanical Components and Tribology Laboratory (APG)
  • Microsystem Aeromechanics Wind Tunnel (APG)
  • Power Conditioning Research Facility (ALC)
  • Prognostics and Diagnostics Laboratory (APG)
  • Robotics Research Facility (Pennsylvania)
  • Rotorcraft Hover Test Facility (Virginia)
  • Sensors and Autonomous Systems Experimental Facility (ALC)
  • Single Gear Tooth-Bending Test Facility (Ohio)
  • Spesutie Island Robotics Research Facility 2 (APG)
  • Spesutie Island Robotics Research Facility 3 (APG)
  • Spray Characterization Facility (ALC)
  • Transonic Dynamics Tunnel (Virginia)
  • Turbine and Structural Seals Team Facilities (Ohio)
  • Universal Drive Train Facility (APG)

Last Update / Reviewed: November 2, 2010