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Army Research Laboratory Technical Strategy Executive summary

ARL Technical Strategy Executive summary

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To meet the challenges of future conflict, the U.S. Army must remain agile, adaptive, and innovative to ensure mission readiness in the face of increasing complexity in an ever-uncertain world. Since the future is impossible to predict, the U.S. must be prepared to deter or defeat a variety of adversarial threats across all domains of battle -- air, land, space, cyberspace, and maritime, within a congested electromagnetic spectrum. There is a high likelihood that all domains will be contested; U.S. forces can no longer assume superiority in any one domain.1,2 To maintain overmatch in a multi-domain conflict, against a diverse set of threats ranging from capable non-state actors to peer threats, the U.S. Army is considering employing a range of breakthrough technologies. As the Army's corporate research lab, ARL is conducting relevant, transformative research that is rooted in the tenets of discovery, innovation, and transition to deliver science and technology (S&T) options for multi-domain battle concepts.


Army Research Laboratory Research Management & Leadership Strategy

Army Research Laboratory Research Management & Leadership Strategy

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The U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) has developed a new strategic framework for how it will conduct defense research within a rapidly evolving global environment. This Research Management and Leadership Strategy (RMLS) provides the high level vision of how ARL plans to manage its resources, positioning ARL to develop as the Nation's premier laboratory for land forces, while fulfilling its mission in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Four focus areas in this framework guide the management and leadership of the laboratory: People First, Open Campus, Technical Strategy and Business Acumen.


Army Research Laboratory Technical Strategy 2015-2035

Army Research Laboratory Technical Strategy 2015-2035

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The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) has developed an overarching technical strategy, envisioned to support Strategic Land Power Dominance for the Army of 2030 and beyond, which is based on eight subordinate S&T campaigns; namely, Extramural Basic Research, Computational Sciences, Materials Research, Sciences-for-Maneuver, Information Sciences, Sciences-for-Lethality and Protection, Human Sciences, and Assessment and Analysis. These subordinate campaigns are structured to foster discovery, innovation, and transition of technologies leading to Power Projection Superiority, Information Supremacy, Lethality and Protection Superiority, and Soldier Performance Augmentation for Strategic Land Power Dominance


Army Research Laboratory Essential Research Areas

ARL ERA Summary

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The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) has outlined a series of nine (9) Essential Research Areas (ERAs) that are critical to reducing technology uncertainty, filling knowledge gaps, and identifying technology risk associated with delivering new capabilities. The ERAs represent ARL's highest-priority work and this document provides a brief summary of each ERA, along with Army relevance, key expected outcomes, and technical gaps. While each ERA has been assigned a coordinating or lead campaign, ERAs encompass many campaigns that come together to provide a connected, cumulative, and converged vision to embody the S&T the Army deems essential to delivering advanced capabilities to the Warfighter. For additional details regarding each ERA and its corresponding gaps, please contact the ERA coordinators specified in the summaries.


Army Research Laboratory S&T Campaign Plans 2015 - 2035

S&T Campaign Plans 2015 - 2035

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ARL's S&T Campaign Plans and is an appendix to the Army Research Laboratory Technical Strategy (April 2014). It is intended to provide additional insight into the technical areas that ARL believes are critical to the Army's assured land power dominance into the deep future.


Army Research Laboratory Technical Implementation Plan

Army Research Laboratory Technical Implementation Plan

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The U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) is the Department of the Army's corporate laboratory as well as the Army's sole fundamental research laboratory, dedicated to scientific discovery, technological innovation, and transition of knowledge products. ARL, the nation's premier laboratory for land forces, is strategically placed within the Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDECOM) – an Army Materiel Command (AMC) Major Subordinate Command (MSC). ARL influences and impacts the Army as well as the broader DoD science and technology (S&T) communities, primarily, through transition of knowledge products to its sister organizations within RDECOM. Explicitly, ARL's mission is to "Discover, innovate, and transition science and technology to ensure dominant strategic land power"; to accomplish this mission, ARL executes fundamental research, defined as Basic Research (BA 1) and Applied Research (BA 2), to address enduring S&T challenges that have been identified by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology [ASA(ALT)] and priorities articulated by the Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA). In addition, the laboratory conducts research and analysis in emerging fields that hold promise in realization of novel or vastly improved Army capabilities into the deep future (2030 – 2040).


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