ARL Experimentation Framework

The ARL Experimentation Framework embodies the concept of Experimentation-as-a-Service for provisioning reconfigurable, ad hoc and on demand experimentation environments. The EaaS framework makes use of open standards and open source technologies, as well as assets developed by ARL and our research partners, and has been continually updated to serve as the core infrastructure for experimentation in the Network Science Research Laboratory. The EaaS framework comprises a layered architecture and a software stack that enables the provisioning of reconfigurable ad hoc and on demand experimentation environments. It is based on standard hardware and open standards software and also allows for the integration of externally connected Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) resources and assets such as sensors, mobile devices, radio bearers, databases and application, all interconnected via real and emulated networks.

The framework layered architecture comprises a set of hardware and software components grouped in functional layers: (a) Operating System Platform; (b) Emulation and Orchestration; (c) Data Management; (d) Services and (e) Decision. Cutting across all the layers are the Monitoring, Management, and Visualization tools.

The Operating System Platform and the Emulation and Orchestration layers, and the Monitoring, Management and Visualization tools provide the core functionality for experimentation. The remaining layers, Data Management, Services and Decision, are functional place holders for research implementations of the theoretical output and also other more mature technologies developed as part of other research programs.

The ARL experimentation Framework was developed in collaboration with the IBM Emerging Technology Team based at IBM's Hursley Labs in the UK. More information at the IBM Emerging Technology web site. (

The NSRL uses the Extendable Mobile Ad-hoc Network Emulator (EMANE) and the Common Open Reseach Emulator (CORE) for emulating tactical networks. These tools are included in the ARL Experimentation Framework.

EMANE is being developed by the Naval Research Laboratory under the OSD Network Communication Capability Program (NCCP) and in cooperation with the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) High Performance Computing Mobile Network Modeling Institute (HPC MNMI) effort. More information is available at the NRL EMANE web site. ( (


ARL Experimentation Framework


Last Update / Reviewed: September 15, 2014