Human Sciences

Human Sciences Campaign

The Human Sciences Campaign is focused on identifying, creating and transitioning scientific discoveries and technological innovations within three broad campaign areas: Human Behavior, Human Capability Enhancement, and Integration of Humans and Systems. Fundamental understanding and technology development within these areas is critical to ensuring the U.S. Army's future technological superiority. The Campaign emphasizes high-risk and high-payoff transformational basic research to meet future Soldier needs, mission-focused applied research aligned with Army priorities, and critical advanced technology developments that are projected to bring about revolutionary and evolutionary changes in Army warfighting capabilities. The Human Sciences Campaign leads ARL's Human-Agent Teaming and Accelerated Learning for a Ready and Responsive Force Essential Research Areas (ERAs). The Campaign portfolio is aligned with all of the Army's modernization priorities and places major emphases on Next Generation Combat Vehicle and Soldier Lethality, including Synthetic Training Environment (STE).

MISSION: To discover, innovate and transition novel technologies that can provide new warfighter capabilities for assessing, understanding and improving the performance of individuals and human-agent teams across the full range of military operations and for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of Soldier training, accelerating skill acquisition, speeding attainment of expertise and ensuring Soldier readiness.

VISION: The Army of 2030 maximizes the effectiveness of Soldiers physically, perceptually and cognitively by accelerating Soldier acquisition of mission-enabling skills and expertise and effectively integrating human and autonomous capabilities in teams able to operate more effectively and efficiently together within complex social-cultural contexts around the globe.

HUMAN BEHAVIOR research encompasses basic and applied research that aims to discover, understand and predict human perceptual, cognitive, affective, physical and social behaviors in settings ranging from individuals and teams to organizations and societies. Human Behavior research focuses on critical research gaps necessary to transition extant knowledge and new discoveries into innovative technologies that are expected to create revolutionary capabilities for Army 2030 and beyond. Innovations in this campaign area are projected to generate the ability to assess and predict warfighter performance in real-time and provide fundamental enablers that enhance Soldier competence and maximize human-agent teaming and Soldier-system performance, far exceeding the capabilities of today's Army.

HUMAN CAPABILITY ENHANCEMENT is a basic research, applied research and advanced technology development effort that aims to discover, innovate and develop technologies that directly and indirectly enhance human perceptual, cognitive, physical and social performance and training capabilities for the Army of 2030 and beyond. Innovations in this campaign area are expected to generate equipment and training technologies that will provide unprecedented capabilities for future warfighters to meet the needs of the complex, dynamic battlefields of the future.

INTEGRATION OF HUMANS AND SYSTEMS incorporates basic and applied research to discover, understand, exploit and apply fundamental principles for improving the integration of human capabilities with system capabilities, including but not limited to complex information systems, human-agent teams, cybersecurity, and organizational and social networks. Determining the fundamental principles that govern the networks and system behaviors underlying effective human communication and human-system interactions and dynamics is expected to produce technological and methodological innovations critical for enabling the Army of 2030 to quickly shape its operational environment. It is anticipated that these discoveries will apply to a wide range of social and cultural environments.


Last Update / Reviewed: May 10, 2018