Analysis and Assessment Campaign Plan

Assessment and Analysis Campaign Plan

Analysis and Assessment is focused on supporting evaluators, PMs, and decision makers; modernizing the Army's capabilities in engineering-level analyses of technologies and systems; and leveraging those strengths to create fundamentally new capabilities through Assessment of Science and Technology, Science and Technology of Assessment, Assessing Mission Capability of Material, and Material Capable of Assessing Mission Capability.

MISSION: To discover, innovate, and transition S&T capabilities that (1) improve the technologies being developed to meet critical and Army-unique needs; (2) provide decision makers and Soldiers with accurate and detailed awareness of materiel's capabilities; and (3) link the institutional and operational forces by means of a powerful shared toolset that simplifies and improves their decision making.

VISION: Army decisions about technology investments, weapon systems acquisition, and operational employment are founded on rigorous, transparent technical bases that take account of the full DOTMLPF spectrum, the breadth of adversaries' potential actions and countermeasures, and the ultimate consequences in terms of our forces' effectiveness in completing their missions. The desired end state is that comparable analytical capabilities are built into materiel and fielded to operational units, allowing Soldiers to employ swiftly and decisively emerging Army systems.

Strongly supported by these foundational pillars and key enablers, the Assessment and Analysis Campaign is highly rigorous with a focus on addressing vulnerability and susceptibility challenges to development of Army-critical materiel systems. The areas of emphasis include Assessment of Science and Technology; Science and Technology of Assessment; Assessing Mission Capability of Materiel; and Material Capable of Assessing Mission Capability.

Assessment of Science and Technology concentrates on understanding the costs and benefits of R&D efforts, their readiness levels, risks, potential payoffs, and integration challenges.

Science and Technology of Assessment concentrates on understanding the key types of analytical problems likely to confront the Army of 2030, exploiting the latest developments by our academic and industrial partners, and performing basic and applied research to develop the powerful new tools required.

Assessing Mission Capability of Materiel concentrates on understanding and exploiting systems' technologies, design, and employment together with current – and likely future – state of the art developments to optimize future designs and to inform evaluation and acquisition decisions with analyses that are both technically sound and practically efficient. Key to this effort, are methodologies to integrate technical assessments into the science and engineering domain with considerations of mission effectiveness for the materiel's operational user.

Materiel Capable of Assessing Mission Capability concentrates on understanding and exploiting developments in the other S&T campaigns to evolve assessment and analysis itself from a laboratory service to a technology that we transition to the warfighter.


Last Update / Reviewed: February 5, 2015